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CA Clean Fuel Reward

2022 Hyundai IONIQ 5

Driving an electric vehicle in the Sacramento area comes with many benefits, including lower emissions and reduced gas costs. You also have access to the CA Clean Fuel Reward (CCFR) when you buy or lease a new, qualifying plug-in hybrid vehicle or electric vehicle in the state of California. So, what does the CA Clean Fuel Reward entail? The incentive, which is open to all California residents, is good for up to $750 from the California Air Resources Board. In order to qualify, your electric car, truck, or SUV must:

  • Have a battery capacity of 5 kWh or greater
  • Be registered in California

Learn how you can reap more benefits when you drive a new Hyundai electric vehicle. Roseville Hyundai has the information you need!

Additional California Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives

The CA Clean Fuel Reward is only one of the available California electric vehicle tax incentives. You can also access the California Clean Vehicle Rebate. While the CA Clean Fuel Reward is a set amount, the California Clean Vehicle Rebate is based on your household income. You must also apply for the incentive – it isn’t applied automatically like the CA Clean Fuel Reward. Still, accessing this California electric vehicle tax credit is certainly worthwhile.

Other programs to take advantage of include:

  • Clean Vehicle Assistance Program Beneficial State Foundation: Participants in the Clean Vehicle Assistance Program have access to loans at an 8% interest rate or lower from Beneficial State Bank.
  • Vehicle Retirement Consumer Assistance Program: This program provides $1,000 to $1,500 to support the retirement of old, polluting vehicles.
  • Clean Cars For All: Lower-income Sacramento-area drivers can access incentives via this program if they scrap their older, high-polluting vehicles and replace them with a zero- or near-zero-emission vehicle.

National Electric Vehicle Tax Incentives

The Hyundai California EV tax credit options can be stacked with the Federal EV Tax Credit as well, which ranges from $2,500 to $7,500. Similar to the California Clean Vehicle Rebate, you must apply to receive the Federal EV Tax Credit, and it is based on household income. It’s also important to note that this incentive is only available on vehicles whose automakers have sold less than 200,000 EV units, so make sure you do your research. That way, you won’t go into your EV purchase expecting a rebate you won’t necessarily receive. 

Test Drive an Electric Vehicle at Roseville Hyundai!

As you can see, there are countless benefits to driving an electric vehicle in the Rocklin area. This list only covers a select few California electric vehicle tax incentives! For more information or to test drive an electric vehicle like the Kona EV or Ioniq EV, get in touch with the team at Roseville Hyundai today.


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